Malcolm X and Puerto Ricans

Since it’s still Black history month, I figured I’d share a little document from my archive. This is from the Young Lords’ newspaper, Palante, Volume 2, Issue 1, February 1970. The piece underscores coalitional politics and possibilities between black and brown radicals … lessons it seems like we keep having to relearn. Continue reading “Malcolm X and Puerto Ricans”

Teaching/Research Tools: Google Chrome and Reader

Those who know me know that I’m a bit of a techie and a bit more of an Apple evangelist. Part of being an Apple evangelist (or “fanboy,” in the kids’ vernacular) is using Apple software when it’s available. Sure, I’ve always used Word instead of Pages (Pages just isn’t “there” for me quite yet); but for just about everything else, I use the Apple option: Keynote instead of PowerPoint, Numbers instead of Excel (most of the time), and Safari instead of anything else. Well, I’ve seen the light.  Continue reading “Teaching/Research Tools: Google Chrome and Reader”


I wanted to write a brief post about the name of the site and doing so basically means that I need to explain de-linking. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a scholar of race and public culture, which means that my scholarly work explores (in one way or another) the relationships between race, democracy, and situated public discourse (a.k.a., rhetoric). This scholarly interest first manifested itself in grad school, when I decided to pursue a dissertation on the New York Young Lords. While I continue doing work on the Young Lords, my scholarship has broadened out to examine other situated rhetorics of race and racial(ized) rhetorics (e.g., work on Obama and the Tea Party, Nuyorican cultural production, and Sonja Sotomayor).  Continue reading “Delinking”

Hello world!

What’s a blog or a website without a “hello world” post?!? Welcome to my new blog and website. I hope to be posting a bit more, here, on topics relevant to my research, teaching, and interests. If you choose to follow along, I thank you.

The next post will be on “de-linking.”