Day 1: Getting to New York City

So today was certainly an adventure. I left the house at 6am for my 8AM flight out of DFW. 8AM turned into 8:20, which turned into 9AM, which turned back into 8:30. All lies, I came to find out, as we were plagued with issues: the plane was too heavy, so some people got bribed onto another flight; the plane was still to heavy, so we had to burn fuel while still on the ground; there was a mechanical problem, but the pilots assured us they had it fixed; American Airlines felt differently, so they recalled the plane to verify the fix themselves; then, finally, after over two hours, we were instructed to deplane and move to a different gate and plane. Basically, we got delayed 4 hours, which killed any chance of getting oriented in the archives today. My adventures, however, didn’t stop upon landing….  Continue reading “Day 1: Getting to New York City”