Announcement: #NCA11 Precon on Social Movements and Counterpublics

At the upcoming National Communication Association Convention in New Orleans in November, I’ll be part of a preconference on social movements and counterpublics. Called “Voicing Connections, Contradictions, and Possibilities in Social Movement and Counterpublic Theories,” the day-long precon (which take place on the Wednesday before the main convention) will engage the possibilities and potentials of social movement and counterpublics theories — pushing the boundaries of what each has to offer communication scholars interested in exploring dissenting, transgressive, and resistive public “voice.” Read on to see what all this shall entail.

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Days 3 & 4: One Down…

Not a whole lot to report on about yesterday’s trip back to the archive at NYU and today’s time spent seeking shelter from the rain. Yesterday I finished off looking through the relevant holdings, which yielded some interesting documents — things like court documents and articles in the newspapers of affiliated organizations (e.g., Triple Jeopardy, the paper of the Third World Women’s Alliance). Today I’m processing the photos and notes that I took, trying to identify documents for which to request high-quality scans — all while staying out of the rain for as long as possible. In this brief blog entry I want to address two things: the benefit of actually going to an archive and the usefulness of tethered WiFi from your phone.  Continue reading “Days 3 & 4: One Down…”